The Unforgettable Journey to Argentina PATAGONIA

In today’s article, I am going to take you to a beautiful yet secluded place, PATAGONIA which is located in South America and shared by Chile and Argentina. Patagonia is one of the world’s best places to visit according to US NEWS. What’s fascinating about this place is that you can experience Snowy Mountains, marine wildlife, and deserts and glaciers, all covered in this limitless place. Also, Patagonia is surrounded by Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean and the Southern Ocean that adds more beauty to this marvelous piece of nature.


There are so many places here to visit but after careful research, I have sorted out some of the best sites which you must visit if you want to make your trip more memorable and adventurous.


Explore the Lake District Bariloche

Bariloche is the combination of Lakes, mountains, and lush green forests. This place should be the starting point of your trip through Patagonia. You can hike or trek on the mountains or you can rent a car and explore the region to simply admire the breathtaking views of glacial lakes.


El Chalten

If you want to simply chill after long hikes, trekking or looking for small hikes and want to celebrate life with food and beverages, then El Chalten could be the best location for you. With the best natural scenic views, you can explore trails, waterfalls, forests, and lakes along with the two most popular mountains Fitz Roy and Cerro Torre.


Perito Moreno Glacier, Argentina

Just a few hours away from El Chalten, is El Calafate which is very popular for its Perito Moreno Glacier. You will get a chance to see a glacier and can see ice collapsing so closely without being in danger. You can also do a boat tour or ice trek on the glacier.


Torres Del Paine, Chile

So our next stop is the national park Torres Del Paine. This is a multi-day trip so you better some days to really explore this place. This park consists of lagoons, glaciers, forests, rivers and various mountain ranges. Puerto Natales is the starting and ending point of this fascinating trip from where you can take a bus to several other places.


Have fun with the Penguins of Punta Tombo

Punta Tombo is home to over a million of Magellanic penguins that migrate here every year to breed. They come from Brazil in September and stays here until April. You can walk with them and watch them as they play with each other. Although these penguins are tourist friendly, these penguins are wild, so don’t touch them.


Other than these places, Argentina is full of other secluded and quiet tourist places where you can spend your holidays. El Bolson, Bahia Bustamante, Puerto Madryn, Ushuaia, and Tierra Del Fuego is also worth visiting if you have some time left.

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