What to explore in Tel Aviv, Israel

The beautiful Tel Aviv beaches, the stylish restaurants, the active nightlife, the wonderful museums, stunning sceneries, and so much more-the city has it all and incredibly, all packed within a compact land area of 20 miles. However, there’s more. Here are other top attractions the city has to offer.

Rothschild Boulevard

When you’re in Tel Aviv, copy what the locals do and wander down Rothschild Boulevard. The avenue is beautifully lined up with trees and allows you to take delight in the traditional Bauhaus architecture. You will feel like a local Tel Avivian. The street has everything from historical museums, late night clubs, and wonderful ice cream parlors and charming eateries. By way of example, Milgo & Milbar is found along Rothschild Street and is the perfect joint for all meals because it provides a unique ingenuity in every dish.

Explore the old city of Jaffa

The ancient city of Jaffa sits in a cliff that sticks out from the water, dominating the Tel Aviv skyline. Levantine influences coupled with Ottoman-era lanes littered with art galleries, design shops, churches, and upscale restaurants make this old port city a must-visit. If you want to shop for furniture and décor to transform your home, a visit to Elemento design shop in Old Jaffa is worth your time and every penny. Here, you can choose from a wide variety of unique, hand-crafted furniture pieces and décor.

Tel Aviv Museum of Art

Art lovers cannot claim to have visited Tel Aviv without setting foot in this wonderful museum. Hanged on the walls of this museum are some of the top collections of contemporary, modern, and Israeli art. Here, you’ll see an incredible collection of classic masters, different temporary exhibitions, photography displays, design & architecture, and a soothing statue garden to stroll around.

When visiting, check out the Herta and Paul Amir Building which is the latest addition to the museum. This piece of architectural wonder is set up around a rising, 90- foot high atrium. Its interior space provides ample room for the display of modern art, an architectural center as well as a gallery.

Park Hayarkon

London boasts of Hyde Park while New York boasts of Central Park. Tel Aviv boasts of its very own Park Hayarkon. Also referred to as Ganei Yehoshua Park, it is snuggled in the north of the city even as the Yarkon River runs through it. Droves of joggers, dog walkers, cyclists, and young adults can be seen taking a stroll, creating a buzz in and around the park. You can lay on the grass and soak in the sun while watching the residents of Tel Aviv engage in their different activities.

If you prefer something rather adventurous, don’t worry because there’s something to satisfy everyone’s tastes. Nestled in the eastern side of the park lies the Rock Garden which hosts more than 3,500n plant species, including a large area focused exclusively on cacti, scattered among various rock formations.

Tel Aviv has a lot to offer and it’s clear to see why the White City never goes to sleep.

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